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R4: Rocketman Version 1.9 Free Stuff

You can download* the file here.

© Copyright 2008 Davin Pearson

1. About the Game

R4: Rocketman is a 90's retro space arcade adventure game that is the sequel to the popular and highly rated Commodore Amiga game R3: The Art of Rocketry by Bruce Webster. This game is free software and is released under the GNU General Public License

* The download time should be approximately 20 minutes on dial up and approximately 20 seconds on broadband. If the download fails due to excessive bandwidth consumption, please try again on another day.

1.1 Featured R4 download sites

This game has been certified by softpedia as being free of spyware, adware and viruses. Click on the icon on the right to read reviews of R4: This game has been rated as recommended by brothersoft. Click on the icon on the right to download R4 and other recommended games:

2. Version History

Improvements that I have planned for future versions of R4 include more levels and better graphics.

3. Your Mission

An intergalactic alliance known as The Nice People of the Universe have contracted you (an space ship pilot freshly graduated from Space School) to defeat the so-called Evil Zippy Empire. To complete each level, you will need to destroy all of the enemy gun installations and space ships and you will also need to locate all of the precious cargo and return it to your Home Base.

4. System Requirements

This game was written on a Windows XP 2.7 GHz PC with 256 MB of RAM. and has been tested on a 64 MB Windows 98 system. The game needs approximately 40 MB of hard drive space.

5. Controls

Control of your ship is achieved by using the following keys:

6. Your Ships

To complete each level you will need to choose the most appropriate ship for the level. There are three ships to choose from and each ship has its own strengths and weaknesses. The ships are listed below in order of suitability to the novice user. Novices will most likely find the first ship to be the best choice, while for advanced levels the user might find the other ships to be more suitable. In the following diagram, the strengths are coloured yellow and the weaknesses are coloured light blue.

Ship NameShapeGunCargoShieldHandling
MagnumLetter ‘‘M’’Good100%50%Excellent

When handling is good your ship will not be affected by bullets hitting your ships and when handling is bad your ship will be pushed around a lot when your ship is hit by bullets. When your shields go less than zero, any further bullet or wall hits will cause your ship to become damaged, making your ship harder to control. To boost your shield up to maximum and repair any damage you will need to land on Repair Modules (see later) or Shield Regenerators (see later) or your Home Base. Note that due to cutbacks in military spending, you cannot replenish your shield by landing on a Home Base, but you can repair any damage that your ship has.

7. Enemy Units

8. Items you can Pick up

9. Other Stuff

10. The Head-up Display

Over the image of your ship flying around the level is what it known as a Head-up Display containing information perninent to your ship and your progress towards completing the current level. The Head-up Display looks like so:

Level: A/B Cargo: C/D Cargo Remaining: E
Enemies Killed: F/G Secrets Found: H/I

In the above here is what the letters A-I stand for:

  1. A is the level number of the level that you are currently playing.
  2. B is the total number of levels that make up the game.
  3. C is the number of cargo units currently in the Cargo Bay of your ship.
  4. D is the capacity of your ship's Cargo Bay.
  5. E is the total number of cargo units still to be collected.
  6. F is the total number of enemies killed so far.
  7. G is the total number of enemies present in the level.
  8. H is the total number of secrets found so far.
  9. I is the total number of secrets present in the level.

11. An Overview of the Levels

  1. Levels 1-10 are small and simple. Their purpose is to familiarise yourself with the features of the game such as: guns, water, black holes, space ships, doors, locks and radar. Each level builds on the previous ones in terms of difficulty. In these levels there are plenty of shield regenerators lying around in case you are hit by enemy bullets.
  2. Levels 11-20 are still simple but are larger than the previous levels. You will start to need to use the radar to navigate these levels. These levels are basically horizontally symmetrical, so once you have visited the left side of the level you know what lies in the right side of the level and vice-versa.
  3. Levels 21-40 are large and complex. Unlike the previous levels there are fewer shield regenerators and repair modules so you have to be more careful about being hit by enemy guns.

12. Adding Music to the Game

If you have midi files (files that end with .mid) on your hard drive, then R4 can play them at random during the presentation of the in-game menus. Simply drag your midi files into the music folder. If you followed the recommendations of the R4 Installer, the location of the music folder is as follows:

c:/Program Files/R4/music

You can access this folder using Windows Explorer by pressing Windows E and clicking on My Computer or This P.C. then the C: Drive, then the Program Files folder, then the R4 folder and finally clicking on the music folder.

NOTE: The game R4 can only play midi files and not other formats such as .mp3 or .wma.

To find midi files on the Internet simply go to

  • Free MIDI Downloads: Extensive collection divided into categories
  • Free MIDI sound resources: Contains links to many other MIDI websites
  • Free MIDI Zone:Another big site Note that not all of these links may still be valid at the time you are reading this document.

    13.0 Author Info

    Author Website:

    Check these websites for R4 updates and R5 and beyond...

    Author Email Address:

    I welcome emails containing comments and/or suggestions on how R4 can be improved!

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