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PHOTOGRAPHER’S NOTE: These photos were taken by me Davin Pearson on Sunday 18 March 2001. The setting was a beautiful blue sky with golden sun afternoon that you so often get in the Christchurch autumn. For the first time I finally figured out how to set the correct white balance on my mother’s work’s Sony Mavica digital camera, so that I managed to capture the excellent lighting conditions. Various exposure settings were used to ensure good pictures both indoor and outdoor. Notwithstanding my efforts, many of the photos turned out too dark and needed some gamma correction with the graphics program IrfanView before they reached an acceptable standard.

Who’s that taking photos of me?

Davin please feed me!

I’m only posing for this picture
because I know that food is close by!

An intimate (extreme facial close-up)
moment with the cat food.

Cleaning myself.

Diagonal shot.

Far shot: I am about to drink from the
water bowl.

Full face.

Pensive look.

Don’t look at me while I’m
looking for somewhere to take a leak!

In the jungle that surrounds my

Leave me alone Davin...
I’m sick of having my photo taken!

Licking my fur.

Looking down below at something that
interests me.

Looking over my shoulder.

At the milk bowl.

Drinking milk.

One leg raised to avoid electrocution from Davin’s dodgy wiring!

My favourite possie: in the sunshine.

My second favourite possie: on the TV set.
I like to sit on the TV because it is warm
and therefore nice to sit on.

Stately pose.

Staunch pose.

Up from underneath.

Up on two legs.

Davin holding me in Davin’s room:
What a pigsty!

Who goes there?

Who’s that at my door?

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